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Shay Mitchell: 'If my heels hurt, it’s time to go home'

Shay Mitchell soaks her feet in icy water if they hurt from wearing high heels.

The Pretty Little Liars star is frequently seen in towering shoes as she walks the red carpets at events around the world and even in her down time, Shay opts for heels because she prefers wearing them than more casual options.

“If there were two Shays—one wearing heels and one wearing sneakers—the one in heels would win,” Shay told “By far. I'm just more comfortable in them. And if I get uncomfortable, it's time to go home. I like to do a cold bath for my feet at the end of the night if I've been out dancing. Sometimes I’ll get cups of ice and dump it in there because that’s what needs to happen.”

Shay is most famous for playing Emily Fields in hit US show alongside co-stars Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario. When it comes to her on screen alter ego, Shay couldn’t be further away from Emily in terms of her hair and make-up choices.

“When I first started on Pretty Little Liars, it was really tough for me because I'm almost a complete 180 from my character Emily beauty-wise,” Shay explained. “I'll never forget—when I went in for the hair and make-up test for the pilot, they pulled my hair back into a tight ponytail and gave me no makeup. Maybe clear mascara and some lipgloss. I was so uncomfortable because I was not used to that. It’s not like I wear pounds of make-up, but I'd been modelling and had my own way of applying products every day. And I like my hair down–it’s like my security blanket. But the character has grown while I've been on the show. The beauty look is more like what I wear now.”

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