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Sheen launches machete-waving rant

Charlie Sheen says his dismissal from Two and a Half Man was "unconscionable".

The 45-year-old actor lashed out at his former CBS and Warner Bros Television bosses on his live Internet show, Sheen's Korner, the day after Warner Bros said his services on Two And A Half Men had been terminated.

Sheen was reportedly seen on a rooftop waving a machete as he launched into what appeared to be a pre-prepared, expletive-filled rant, which lasted about 10 minutes, during which he added that he believes that Monday's decision was also illegal.

While CBS refuses to comment on Sheen, one of his co-stars has been speaking out and sharing kind words about the troubled star.

Two And A Half Men star Holland Taylor defended the actor she has worked with since the show began in 2003, as she became the first person connected to the show to publicly share thoughts on Sheen since his dismissal.

"Charlie was cordial and polite with all of his cast mates and crew, sometimes even courtly - and always witty," Taylor wrote on Tuesday in an e-mail to The Associated Press.

"We watched movies at his house occasionally - warm evenings with interesting, spirited conversation. This is the guy I know.

"In this very sad and complicated time, I really have no comment," she continued, "beyond valuing my own history with Charlie, and my abiding affection for him."


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