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Sheen's sons removed from house

Charlie Sheen's ex-wife Brooke Mueller says she got a restraining order to keep the actor away from her and their sons because she was afraid of threatening statements he had made.

She told the court in a filing that the star had also refused to return the boys to her.

According to a sworn declaration filed Tuesday in the case, Brooke said Charlie told her in a phone call on Sunday night: "I will cut your head off, put it in a box and send it to your mom!"

She also claimed that Charlie recently threatened to stab her in the eye with a pen and has spit on her feet and punched her on the arm.

Twins Bob and Max, who are almost two, were removed from Charlie's home on Tuesday night after a court order was granted to Brooke.

The actor has vowed to fight to get his twin sons back.

The Two And A Half Men star appealed directly to his ex on NBC's Today show "to reach out to me" to discuss the situation. He said he doesn't know where the boys were taken.

Brooke is claiming the youngsters shouldn't be raised in the environment where Charlie lives with his two girlfriends, and where partying that he's described as "epic" has taken place.

Meanwhile Charlie's new Twitter account took just hours to attract more than half a million followers.

After giving the actor a break to seek rehabilitation following wild partying and three hospitalisations in three months, Warner and CBS announced last week they'd decided against resuming production on Two And A Half Men for the remainder of the season, citing Charlie's conduct and comments.


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