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Sherilyn Fenn accuses Twin Peaks co-star of wrecking onscreen romance

The actress admits she and Kyle McLachlan had magical chemistry as Audrey Horne and Dale Cooper.

The onscreen chemistry between Twin Peaks co-stars Kyle McLachlan and Sherilyn Fenn made director David Lynch believe she really had the hots for him.

And Kyle's real-life girlfriend Lara Flynn Boyle, another castmate, was far from happy when the pair got together for scenes.

Fenn has opened up about the decades-old drama in an explosive recent interview with the TwinPeaksUnwrapped podcast, revealing Lynch eventually asked her if she was in love with her castmate.

As she prepares for a return to Twin Peaks in Lynch's TV revamp later this year (17), the actress, who portrayed teen seductress Audrey Horne in the cult series, recalls, "We weren’t supposed to be together, but after we were together, something was on film that really worked, and instead of having his character go towards Joan Chen's character (Jocelyn Packard), which was their original plan, they had him start to come towards me.

"So his girlfriend, Lara Flynn Boyle, kiboshes an astonishing thing... I remember saying, 'David, is this how it goes? An actor complains, because she's the girlfriend, and then you change?'

"I was really upset they moved me away from (McLachlan's character) Dale Cooper... Now, Kyle will admit the truth. Then, he wouldn’t. At the time, he was saying, 'No, her character is too young for me'. Meanwhile he is with a girlfriend, I'm 24-25, his girlfriend is 19 (sic)."

But Fenn insists there really was nothing going on between her and Kyle when the cameras weren't rolling: "On screen chemistry can be very different from off screen chemistry," she adds. "Kyle and I were friends, we didn’t have what I’d call chemistry, but when Special Agent Dale Cooper and Audrey Horne came together, something happened. It just did.

"At some point, David said, 'Are you in love with Kyle?' I said, 'God no! No! Not even a little! Not at all, but Audrey thinks he’s the bees knees'."

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