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Sherlock cast in plot reveal ban

Andrew Scott has said the cast of Sherlock are banned from revealing plot details, even to their own families.

The actor who plays Sherlock's nemesis Moriarty in the BBC show told The Sun they were under strict orders not to give away any twists and turns.

He said: "Filming for the new series has been top secret. We get all the scripts at once but we are banned from even telling our families or friends what is in them. We are not allowed to speak to anyone. If I said what happens in the next series of Sherlock, what do you think would happen to me!"

The second series of Sherlock ended with Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the title character, apparently plunging to his death from a rooftop and the crew are keen to keep how he fakes his suicide under wraps.

Andrew, 36, said: "I never guessed how the last episode would end - it even surprised me. It has been fantastic filming the new series. It has been a total joy for everybody and it has changed everybody's lives.

"I don't think anyone thought it would be so successful. I can see it still on TV in 20 years."


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