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Sienna Miller ‘sabotaged’ herself at start of acting career

Actress Sienna Miller believes her ability to reflect came about after she had daughter Marlowe in 2012.

Sienna Miller wishes she had taken her career more seriously when she started acting.

The British actress rose to fame in 2004’s Alfie opposite former boyfriend Jude Law, and also had a key part as Andy Warhol’s muse Edie Sedgwick in 2006 biopic Factory Girl.

In spite of her popularity, the 35-year-old now regrets not pushing herself harder when it came to getting her name known in industry circles.

“Hollywood parties are not supposed to be fun. They're work,” she told U.K. Harper’s Bazaar magazine. “I definitely ended up sabotaging myself at certain points. I think that if I had had the head on my shoulders that I have now, I probably could have been a lot more successful.”

Sienna also explained she had been inspired by ‘90s rebels, and counted musician Liam Gallagher as one of her idols when she was first breaking into the acting scene. And while it took her a while to realise that actresses are supposed to be “demure and elegant”, there were people in her life who eventually pushed her in the right direction.

“I did have fun and make some work that I'm proud of and was supported. I think that people were rooting for me because I wasn't an a**hole,” she said.

Since winning over audiences with her roles in 2014’s Foxcatcher and the recently released Live By Night, the blonde beauty feels more confident in chasing roles that really challenge her, such as a potential Clint Eastwood project. But Sienna, who is mother to four-year-old daughter Marlowe, adds she still finds it hard to promote herself to directors.

“I think it's an English thing. There's an essential way of being in this industry that I lack, you have to aggressively pursue and you have to seduce, and not in a sexual way, but you know, schmooze,” she shared. “The ability to contemplate, and actually reflect, and strategise to some degree, that probably came when I had a child.”

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