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Sigourney no fan of plastic surgery

Sigourney Weaver reckons it's best to grow old gracefully and not resort to plastic surgery.

The Alien actress looks incredible considering she turned 61 in October - and it's all natural, she underlines.

"I cut out pictures of older women that I see in newspapers who are so alive, know so much and have lived so much. Why would you want to look like you haven't lived? Why would you want your face to be frozen? I don't get it," she says of those who attempt to defy age with cosmetic surgery.

"On the other hand I think every woman should do what makes them feel right," she adds. "I think there's a lot pressure from society to look young, but who are you kidding? How can you ever look the way you did when you were 20, if you can't move your face?"

Sigourney, who plays a glamorous career woman in her latest film You Again, prefers a more pragmatic approach to keeping her figure and face in check.

"You have to not eat certain things you would like and you have to go to the gym. I think you have to be a grown-up about it, which is hard," she says.

"I certainly feel I could lose 10lbs but I'm not going to kill myself over it. I want to live and enjoy my life, and I want to enjoy food. I just try not to eat unconsciously and taste things, not gobble them."

:: You Again is being screened in UK cinemas from this weekend.


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