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Silcock got Army tips from grandad

Marc Silcock has revealed he got advice from his grandfather on playing an Army soldier in his new TV show.

The former Emmerdale star plays Lance Corporal Jimmy Hobbs in BBC One series Privates.

Marc told The Sun: "A lot of the guys went to Northern Ireland before the shoot and learned how to march and drill, but luckily I didn't have to go with them.

"I was blessed that the script didn't require me to do those things a lot. Instead, I had a word with my grandfather - who was a major in the Army around that time.

"He told me exactly how to put my uniform on and gave me loads of stick about making sure my boots were shiny and I was wearing my beret straight.

"Then he told me that he's got an overwhelming sense that he is going to be disappointed when he sees the show - he doesn't think I'll have done anything right."

But Marc - who played paralysed Jackson Walsh in Emmerdale - did live in a real Army camp for the drama.

He revealed: "The circumstances could have been more enjoyable. We were wrapped up in Fifties' clothing, which was itchy and uncomfortable.

"And because we were at an Army base, we couldn't walk around with hands in our pockets or go anywhere without permission. All of the rules made it quite an effort. But we had to abide by them and make sure we didn't get in the way of the soldiers there.

"After all, if you're in the Army the last thing you want is someone coming in doused in make-up, wearing an old uniform and pretending to do your job."


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