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Simm to play cop on the run in Prey

John Simm is to play a cop on the run in a new crime show on ITV.

The Life On Mars star has signed up to play Detective Constable Marcus Farrow in three part drama Prey.

Marcus is a well-liked copper with a wife and two kids, whose life collapses around him when he is found at the scene of a brutal crime, with all the evidence pointing towards him.

After being arrested and charged with the crime, Marcus appears doomed, so when he sees a chance to escape he takes it. Before he knows it he finds himself on the run in Manchester from the police officers he used to work alongside.

Filming will begin in October in Manchester and the drama will be directed by Occupation's Nick Murphy. All of the three episodes have been written and created by television newcomer Chris Lunt.

No further casting details are known.


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