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Simon Cowell: Jealousy is healthy

Simon Cowell has admitted he has a jealous streak - but says it's good for business.

The TV and music mogul, who has become a dad with Lauren Silverman, spoke about the personality trait in a chat with hypnotist friend Paul McKenna.

"I think jealousy in a weird way is good for you. In a relationship it means that you care," he said.

"You shouldn't get too jealous," he said, before adding: "If you are not jealous of your competitors you are not going to win."

The Sun quoted the star - whose X Factor show has recently taken a knock from Strictly Come Dancing in the ratings - as saying: "When I see a competing show doing well, I feel physically sick. I don't like my friends to do well."

Simon spoke to Paul for the hypnotist's new online show, McKenna.

He said of being a judge on Britain's Got Talent and The X Factor: "Auditions for me are like going back to school - and the only way I got through school was being really badly behaved."


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