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Simon Cowell makes up with Mel B after she stabs him with rubber knife

The stars fell out when he made a flippant quip about her wedding night amid her nasty ongoing divorce.

Simon Cowell has put an end to his feud with America's Got Talent co-judge Mel B following their spat over a bad joke.

The music mogul made a stupid quip about the former Spice Girls star's wedding night on an episode of the TV talent show last week (22Aug17), which prompted Mel to splash him with her cup of water before storming offset.

The singer sought further revenge on Tuesday's episode (29Aug17) by stabbing Simon with a rubber knife on air, but according to the Syco Entertainment founder, he and Mel have now made up.

“I was the one who got soaked, so I should be mad at her," he told journalist Terri Seymour on U.S. news show Extra. "She's fine. I'm fine. Just one of those things. We got over it.”

Mel is currently embroiled in a bitter divorce battle with her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte, with accusations of sex threesomes and abuse, and a child custody war among other sensitive subjects.

So when Simon compared a contestant's lacklustre performance to Mel's wedding night with Stephen by stating the staging was filled with "lot of anticipation", but "not much promise or delivery", he admits in hindsight his joke did not have "the best timing in the world."

"I was trying to make light of something… I thought she'd have a sense of humour. She lost it," he noted.

However, Simon stops short of admitting he regrets what he said, answering "not really" when asked if he has any guilt about his ill-timed comments.

"Sorry, Mel! I’ll send her a puppy or something," he laughed, before promising to apologise to her.

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