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Simon Cowell wowed by BGT singer

Simon Cowell was bowled over at the Britain's Got Talent auditions by a music teacher.

The Sun said that soprano Aliki Chrysochou was greeted with wolf-whistles and cheers when she walked onto the stage.

She said that singing helped her recover from the brain bug encephalitis.

Half-Greek Aliki, who has sung professionally, sang a rendition of Evanescence's Bring Me To Life.

She revealed: "A few years ago I was diagnosed with encephalitis.

"Everything I learnt when I was a baby was all gone - all co-ordination and my speech. I couldn't speak, read, write or walk. My mother had to do everything - feed me and bathe me. She was my voice when I couldn't speak.

"When I was at the hospital one night she started singing to me. It was the first time I responded - by humming - after a very long time."

Simon told Aliki, who went through to the next stage with four yes votes, that she had "natural talent", adding: "I don't want you to go."

The music mogul, who was spotted wearing round Harry Potter-style specs outside auditions in London, said: "This is the easiest 'yes' I've given."


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