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Simon Cowell's affair with Dannii Minogue confirmed by PR guru


Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue

Ian West

Dannii Minogue

PR pro Max Clifford has told Exclusive TV that Simon Cowell did have an affair with co-judge Dannii Minogue in 2008 as alleged in Cowell's unathorised biography.

The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell penned by Tony Bower claimed that Simon embarked on a romantic affair with Aussie star Minogue while filming the X Factor four years ago, a claim that has been validated by Clifford who said: "Yes - he did have a relationship with Dannii.

"Simon was on his own at the the time and she was on her own too. There was a natural chemistry between them.

It's not something he wanted to come out but it has - there is nothing unusual about it at all."

Meanwhile Simon's fellow judge on Britain's Got Talent, comedian David Walliams has been quick to mock the revelations on Twitter: "Now I know why Simon Cowell would sometimes ask me to dress up as Dannii and sing 'This Is It' when we're making love," he Tweeted.'

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