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Singer Kylie Minogue: I avoid cooking at Christmas


Festive plans: Kylie Minogue

Festive plans: Kylie Minogue


Festive plans: Kylie Minogue

Singer Kylie Minogue will not be whipping up a meal on Christmas Day, as she reveals she is "not a chef!".

Talking about how she'll be spending Christmas this year, she told the Christmas issue of Radio Times it will be in Europe, but, "I'm not saying where."

The petite singer added: "Even when I'm at home, I don't cook at Christmas. I'm in charge of atmosphere - candles, lighting the fire, table settings - and I don't mind cleaning up after lunch.

"It's my first Christmas with a new partner (British actor Joshua Sasse) and, like me, he loves Christmas."

Her 2016 hopes include being able to "work a little less and live a little more."

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