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Singer refuses to ditch bandmates


Dynamix during the auditions for The X Factor.

Dynamix during the auditions for The X Factor.

Dynamix during the auditions for The X Factor.

A talented hopeful refuses to axe her bandmates despite X Factor judge Gary Barlow telling her it is her best option in her bid for success.

SeeSee, the 22-year-old singer from trio Dynamix, tearfully tells the panel she will not go solo even if it ends her chance of fame in the latest edition of the ITV show.

It comes after viewers saw another wannabe, Hannah Sheares, ditch her best friends in Saturday night's edition when Gary Barlow and Nicole Scherzinger pointed out she was the stand-out singer and she was "carrying" the others.

Mum-of-one SeeSee, from London, is seen performing Black Eyed Peas hit Let's Get It Started with group members Kyle, 21, from Reading and Luke, 24, from Wolverhampton, as they perform on stage in their arena audition before thousands of fans.

Earlier she had said: "As a group we all have the same fire for it, but for myself I have a daughter and I need to make sure I change our lives."

But the judges reckon that SeeSee should really be a solo star. Nicole tells them: "SeeSee is the star of this - she is the only one I saw in that performance."

And panellist Sharon Osbourne declares: " It's the chemistry, I think that it's lacking chemistry between the three of you."

Gary tells the trio they would have no chance of making it into the live finals if they continue as a group and asks the frontwoman: "Would you go into the girls category?"

But sobbing SeeSee responds: "I want this so much, to change my life personally and for my daughter - but I think I'm going to say no."

Viewers will see whether the judges stop them in their tracks.

In Saturday's edition of the programme Hannah opted to leave her pals in The Daisy Chains behind and go to the next stage of the audition process alone.