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Sinitta: Let me back on the ice!

Sinitta may have been booted off in the first round of last year's Dancing On Ice, but the singer has said she'd love to go back on the show.

Simon Cowell's pal and X Factor helper Sinitta, who was sent home after a costly mistake in the skate-off, has continued visiting the local rink in her spare time and reckons she's now ready to show off her skills.

"I've been skating for more than a year now and I can actually skate so I might go in - if they ask me and pay me lots of money I should do a celebrity reappearance in a few weeks' time and show them what I can do now," she said.

"I go like three times a week - it's great. My advice to the contestants is just enjoy it, don't be so afraid. I think I got so terrified of getting hurt that I wasn't able to enjoy it, but now I'm just skating for myself I really enjoy it.

"I think the more you relax and just enjoy it the more it turns the judges on because they don't want to see or smell your fear."

Speaking at a film premiere in London, the So Macho singer said she was surprised ex-Wag Elen Rivas hadn't got further in this year's competition.

"I got quite friendly with Elen at the gym, we both go to the same gym. I'd seen her the week before she went on and I said 'I'm going to watch, I'm going to vote for you'.

"You cant predict it - I think she had the potential to become really good. You need a bit longer to prepare at these things."


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