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Sinitta: Simon and I are always OK

Sinitta has revealed that she and Simon Cowell are as close as ever despite her outburst following his baby news.

The former pop star, who dated Simon in the 80s and has remained close friends with the TV mogul, previously admitted she was "utterly stunned" and felt "a sense of betrayal" when she found out he had fallen for Lauren Silverman and that the pair were expecting a baby together.

She also tweeted upon hearing Simon's news: "Something has just happened ... half miracle, half nightmare! #WakeMeUpIWantToGetOff!!"

Speaking on ITV's Lorraine, Sinitta said their friendship is still strong, explaining: "Simon and I, we're always OK. In fact, like a lot of adversity, sometimes it brings you closer because I think as much as it was difficult, I coped, I did what I thought was right and you know he supported me in it."

The star said she is doing much better now after her recent comments.

She said: "I'm still sane... I got very angry and I'm normally the sort of person that lets things wash over me... it was a very sensitive topic and also I felt that it was being reported in the wrong way and it was being used to look like I was trying to attack Simon with it, who is like my best friend... I thought, I can't just think it's fish and chip paper tomorrow because I didn't want people walking around with that, even in the back of their minds remotely thinking it was true."

Sinitta, 49, also addressed the recent attention surrounding the termination she had after getting pregnant with Simon's baby in the 1980s, admitting she felt bad about the story "overshadowing" the X Factor star's baby joy.

"It sort of overshadowed that for a minute didn't it... I think that what the paper was trying to do was to say 'Oh is this why you're not happy because this happened to you guys so many years ago' and that's why I needed to address it, because of course I'm happy for him.

"It was a big shock because everyone knows it was something he said he'd never do... shocked in a good way."


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