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Sir Alex Ferguson's 'good luck' to Eamonn Holmes for double hip replacement


Eamonn Holmes hosted his final show before undergoing a double hip replacement

Eamonn Holmes hosted his final show before undergoing a double hip replacement

Eamonn Holmes hosted his final show before undergoing a double hip replacement

Sir Alex Ferguson joined well-wishers sending their luck to This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes as he hosted his final show before his double hip replacement.

Holmes, 56, admitted he put off the operation for "too many years" and was looking forward to a "new lease of life" as he sat down with wife Ruth Langsford, nurse Tonya Kloppers, dancer Wayne Sleep - who has undergone the same surgery - and his hip surgeon Sarah Muirhead-Allwood.

In a video message, Sir Alex said: "I believe you're going in for the big op on your hips, I had mine done two and a half years ago and now I'm in great condition.

"I did all my exercises, listened to the doctor and the physios. If you do that, you'll be back 100%, back on that couch mooching with Ruth. Good luck, talk soon."

Holmes hailed the former football manager as the "inspiration" for his replacement as he regaled the guests with a story about watching a sprightly Sir Alex climb over football stadium seating.

He said: "Thank you boss! The most impressive thing about the boss is he was sitting behind me at Old Trafford one day and he came along the row and he literally, after his operation, lifted his leg up, climbed over the seat and sat down. I thought, 'Well, there's my inspiration.'"

Also sending in their support via Twitter were Coronation Street's Shayne Ward, This Morning's TV doctor Ranj Singh, and reality star Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace.

At the beginning of the show, Holmes told viewers: "It's more au revoir than goodbye for a little while as I'm going to be rebuilt. They are taking out both of my hips and giving me new ones. I've put it off for too long ...and for me, I think it'll be a new lease of life."

Langsford confessed the surgery was taking its toll.

"I had a cry the other night because I was so worried about you."

Afterwards, she thanked the panel on the show for putting to bed her doubts over the operation.

"I feel much better myself listening to both you," she admitted to Sleep and Muirhead-Allwood.

But Holmes could not help making a joke as he told Langsford of his old hip bones, saying: "It would be nice to have the bone, we could display it."

He continued: "I can't wait to get back down to the discos, down to Sugar Hut... I'm going to live the life over again."

Holmes is expected to take 10 weeks off This Morning to recover.