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Sir David returns in slapstick role

Sir David Jason has revealed how the "old fashioned" slapstick humour of his latest role attracted him back onto our screens.

The Only Fools And Horses star takes the lead role in new six-part series The Royal Bodyguard, playing the hapless Captain Guy Hubble who, after a blunder of his own making, is promoted to be the Queen's private bodyguard. Although he's good at taking orders, Hubble is useless at organising and finds that chaos follows his every step.

Sir David, 71, explains: "I get thrown into mud, pulled into tanks of water. I had to swing on pipes, jump down a chimney, I get covered in soot, mud, water, and even wrapped in cellophane.

"But I thoroughly enjoyed making it, despite some of the stuff they made me go through. Have you got that down?" he orders, laughing. "M.A.D.E. Made me do!"

Anyone who has seen the famous moment in which Del Boy falls through the bar in Only Fools And Horses will know that the actor is comfortable with slapstick, and The Royal Bodyguard has it in droves.

"A few comedies have been offered to me which I didn't think quite worked, and then along came this script, and I just thought it was funny. I didn't think anything of it other than the fact it was fun," he explains.

The humour is of the family-friendly kind which Sir David reckons is missing from TV today.

"The humour is quite visual, and we tried to make it so no one would be worried about sitting there with their kids or grandmas," he said.

"It could be described as old-fashioned, but we all love watching Laurel And Hardy, Morecambe And Wise and Tommy Cooper."

:: The Royal Bodyguard starts on BBC One on Boxing Day.


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