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Sir Patrick Stewart fumes over 'stupid U.K. dog laws'

Sir Patrick Stewart isn't the only celebrity who has spoken out against legislation which discriminates against certain dog breeds.

Sir Patrick Stewart is furious British Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) laws have stopped him bringing his beloved pit bull into the country.

The X-Men star rescued the dog, named Ginger, in America earlier this year (17), and he would love to take her to the U.K., but the country's strict regulations prohibit the import of certain dog breeds, including pit bulls.

At the Animal Hero Awards in London on Thursday (07Sep17), Sir Patrick told the Press Association, “About eight months ago a dog came into our life and changed everything, but unfortunately, because of our breed, we could not bring her to the U.K.

"She was a rescue dog in California, but she’s a pit bull and there is this stupid ruling about breed-specific legislation, and pit bulls are banned."

Sir Patrick, in common with many celebrities, insists the law makes no sense.

“I understand why it was put in place, but it doesn’t address what the real issues are about the possibility of dangerous dogs," he says. "In most cases, and certainly in the case of pit bulls, it is not the dog that is the problem, it is always the owner.”

The actor insists it is "high time" the laws are "re-examined", and in the meantime he will continue to fight to bring Ginger into the country.

Sir Patrick isn't the first celebrity to speak out against the laws, which were passed in 1991 and also restrict the import of three other breeds: the Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Fila Braziliero.

Longtime animal advocate and The Office star Ricky Gervais has often tweeted about the inhumane legislation.

“All dogs are basically good," he wrote. "Your treatment of them determines whether they stay that way or not. It’s the same with people.”

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