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Sir Tom questions winning The Voice

The Voice star Sir Tom Jones has admitted that Leanne Mitchell would have got more of his help if she had not won the BBC One show.

Leanne, who was coached by the Welsh crooner, landed a deal with music giant Universal but a download version of her debut single failed to make a big dent in the charts.

Sir Tom admitted he would have been able to do more with Leanne, who is about to release her first album, if she had not won.

Asked if he was disappointed about her first single, the singer said: "Well, I think they (the record label) rushed it. The one problem is, if you win The Voice it's out of your hands completely because you're signed to Universal, their management agency, you know, the full thing, so you can't do much for that person after you've got that person to win.

"If you want to do something with them further it's better if they don't win," he admitted, before adding: "Just to clear up... where I said 'I think it's better off if they don't win', I don't think it's better off if they don't win."

Sir Tom is back for a second series of The Voice with rival coaches Jessie J, and The Script's Danny O'Donoghue on Saturday March 30 at 7pm. This year, in an attempt to keep viewers hooked, there will be more blind auditions and coaches will be able to "steal" an artist from a rival team in the show, hosted once again by Holly Willoughby and Reggie Yates.

Speaking at the press launch, Danny said of the coaches: "It's a lot more competitive this year... last time we didn't know how far we could go without offending someone."

Jessie J added: "We're not afraid to debate with each other... Me and Will have had full-on arguments... I stood up for myself this year... We're all a lot more confident in what we bring as coaches and why we're so individual."

She said of arguing with "It's hard because he uses words that aren't in the dictionary... It's like he's writing a song as he's arguing with you." said he had been called aside by producers for standing on his chair while swivelling around because they were worried he would fall off.


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