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Sir Tom: Rita fills Voice seat well

Sir Tom Jones has revealed that new coach Rita Ora and are constantly on their phones during filming of The Voice.

The Black Widow singer has joined Sir Tom, Will and Ricky Wilson in the spinning red chairs for the fourth series of the BBC One singing show, which premieres on screens in January 2015.

The Welsh crooner admitted that the Black Eyed Peas star has even been told off for being distracted with his handset on set.

"They're always (makes phone motions) whereas Ricky and I are not doing a lot of that," he said backstage at the BBC Music Awards.

"We're concentrating on what's going on on the stage.

"I think Will gets ticked off about it from time to time."

Sir Tom said Rita has already forged a bond with Will.

"She is closest to Will because they've worked together so they have that working relationship," he added.

The Welsh crooner said Rita's presence on the show feels "natural".

"Rita is great - she's fresh and she's what is happening now. She fills that seat very well. That's a big chair for her to fill, and she's in there," he said.

"Her personality is coming across, which is very important. Jessie J's personality came across, then Kylie Minogue and now Rita's. It's hard to do that sometimes."

The knock-out stages have been filmed, and Sir Tom revealed there is "a good mix of voices. I don't think there are any two singers who are similar".

The 74-year-old singer also said it feels "natural" to return to his spinning chair.

"It feels very natural to me to do it again. It's my fourth time now... The more I do it, the more natural it feels," he continued.

"At the start, it was all new to all of us but that was exciting. It was the first time I had ever been a judge and it was a new thing for me. I'm enjoying doing it. The thing I like about the show is there are four entertainers who are coaches, so we know what it's like to be on that stage."


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