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Six finalists battle it out for Celebrity Big Brother crown


Stephanie Davis may have some explaining to do when she leaves the Celebrity Big Brother house

Stephanie Davis may have some explaining to do when she leaves the Celebrity Big Brother house

Stephanie Davis may have some explaining to do when she leaves the Celebrity Big Brother house

The Celebrity Big Brother final is under way as the six finalists battle it out to be crowned winner of the 17th series.

US reality star Tiffany Pollard, former Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis and Geordie Shore star Scotty T are favourites to win, and received the loudest cheers when host Emma Willis opened the show.

Others in the running are former EastEnders actors Danniella Westbrook and John Partridge, and West End star Darren Day.

Partridge has left the Celebrity Big Brother house in sixth place, becoming the first housemate to be knocked out of the final.

Waiting outside the house for the finalists were former housemates Winston McKenzie, Kristina Rihanoff, Nancy Dell'Olio, Angie Bowie, Megan McKenna, Christopher Maloney, Jeremy McConnell, and Gemma Collins.

Not in attendance was Jonathan Cheban, who opted to leave the house shortly after the reality show began, and David Gest, who was forced to leave the house due to illness.

In his exit interview with Emma Willis, Partridge ranted about his time in the house.

He said: "There was nothing flippant or funny about some of those situations. I know it can't really seem that way, but everything in there is amplified tenfold. It is so explosive and you live with the permanent tension."

One of his most controversial moments was his nomination of Day for eviction, despite their apparent friendship.

He said he had been trying to save Day from the temptation of alcohol in the house.

" I had tried in various ways without saying actually you're an addict and that's not good for you," Partridge said.

"I don't know him that well enough to say that. You have to make a nomination based on something. I nominated somebody for something that I knew about and was concerned about.

"Had I thought about how it would make me look, I maybe wouldn't have done it. But I wasn't concerned about that, I was concerned about Darren, and I stand by my decision."

The second celebrity to leave the final was Westbrook, who had Day and Scotty T walk her up the stairs as she held the train of her gold dress.

Westbrook said Celebrity Big Brother had changed her life for the better.

She said: "It gave me confidence in myself. This whole programme has really changed my life, and it's been an amazing experience.

"I just wanted to make my kids proud of me. I'm sick of them having to defend me at work and at school and throughout school, so now they can go out and go: do you know what, that's my mum, that's who she is. She's OK. She's not some messy drug addict."

Despite clashing with Davis in the house, Westbrook insisted that the two were best of friends.

She told Willis: "I've got kids, so I know what people are like when they're bouncy and they're young. I've got my son, he's that age."

Westbrook was greeted by her son Kai and daughter Jody.

On Davis, she insisted: "She is a talent, a force to be reckoned with."

Pollard was the next contestant to leave the house, despite bookies' predictions.

Pollard addressed the biggest misunderstanding of the series, when she thought fellow housemate Gest was dead.

Angie Bowie had told her that "David" was dead - meaning her ex-husband, David Bowie - but Pollard thought she meant David Gest.

Pollard began screaming - and was angry at Ms Bowie for the mix-up.

Speaking with Willis after her eviction, Pollard said: "My pride was too thick to swallow. I'm sorry."

She explained: "I was hurt and upset.

"There's no newspapers delivered, and when I hear David's dead, I'm going to think of the next David that's in the house, that's in the other room.

"So I thought David had died."

The housemate leaving in third place has been revealed as Day, meaning that either Scotty T or Davis will win Celebrity Big Brother 2016.

Day addressed his face-to-face nomination by Partridge, which came after the two had spent the first night together in the "box" and apparently formed a close bond.

He said: "That was a problem in moving on. I didn't know the reason and it upset me, it did hurt me a lot at the time, it is a very strong feeling when you're feeling vulnerable on TV."

But he added: "Everything is cool. We're all sorted now. I think it's all right."

Scotty T was crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother, with Davis as runner-up.

Runner-up Davis said her experience in the house had been full of ups and downs.

She told Willis: "It's been - honest when I say this - the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my whole entire life, and I challenge anyone to try and do that for a month."

Davis fell for former Mr Ireland McConnell in the house, despite being in a relationship with male model Sam Reece.

Towards the end of the series, she opened up to her fellow housemates about the state of her relationship with her boyfriend.

Speaking to Willis for her exit interview, she said: " A few years ago I got really badly treated ... and I think I was just happy and accepting of the love that I was given, when it wasn't right for me.

"And then obviously Sam broke my heart, and he hurt me, and he knows that. And I kept staying with him and kept being disappointed and disappointed and disappointed, in the end just feeling worthless again in myself.

"And then Jez came along and was just like ... he just made me feel like I've never felt before, and made me feel that bit of worth that I've never had for myself.

"And he is just the best person I've ever met ... he is just the best thing going."

On their future together, she joked: " Jez might be like: 'Nah do you want to stay friends?'"

She added: " If it goes somewhere it does, if it doesn't it doesn't, but that's down to me and him and we will see how that goes in our own time."

Scotty T became the final contestant to exit the house - as the winner.

He said: " I honestly can't believe it. I swear, all I'm thinking is I need a drink, and I don't know what's going on."

The Geordie Shore star - real name Scott Timlin - said his mother would be proud of him for his behaviour in the Channel 5 reality show.

"She knows my good side, and I think that to effect that upon the nation, I think she will be proud of me and that," he said.

"Because that's what I really am - I'm genuinely just a nice kid."

Scotty T was able to avoid most of the arguments in the house.

He said: "All the arguments happening in there, most of them were just pathetic. All those pathetic arguments, I didn't really want to get involved."

During his time in the house, he enjoyed a flirtation with Ex On The Beach's McKenna, before she left on day 18.

McKenna was present to watch him win the show.

He said: " Megan's an unbelievable girl."

On their future together, he told Willis: " I don't know. I haven't spoken to her yet.

"She's just got out of a big relationship though, so she's not up for anything serious. I'm going back into filming Geordie Shore this week.

"We've both got work commitments but she's an amazing girl and we're probably going to talk about it tonight. But hopefully something gets pulled out the bag."