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Skinner: Mainstream is new to me

Frank Skinner has admitted that he wasn't immediately sure that the revamped Room 101 would work.

The comedian is hosting the Friday night BBC1 show, which will now see several guests compete with each other to get their choices in.

Frank said: "We've filmed a few already and I'm loving it. It's in the very bosom of the mainstream, which is quite new for me. It's an unusual line-up of guests, and they don't really behave the way you might expect."

He said: "When they said it wasn't all going to be comedians, I wasn't sure, but it works. The key is, these people genuinely mean it.

"People are at their most articulate when slagging things off, and the funny thing is that it turns me into Mr Positivity!"

The Opinionated star's guests on the show, last seen on BBC2 in 2007, are set to include Chris Packham, Chris Tarrant and Alice Cooper vying to get their choice in.

Frank added: "You would be surprised at the people with the most rage. Gabby Logan was actually thumping the desk and it wasn't playing for the cameras!"

The show was previously hosted by Paul Merton.

:: Room 101 starts on BBC1 at 8.30pm tonight (January 20).


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