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Smash 'better singers' than Glee

Jack Davenport has stirred up the competition between Smash and Glee, by saying he thinks his show has "better singers".

The This Life actor plays a British director in the US series about the staging of a musical about Marilyn Monroe, which he said was not comparable with Glee.

"It's not set in a high school. In our show, people sing for a reason other than that they're so adolescent they've just got to sing. The world that our show operates is a realistic one," he said.

"We're grateful to Glee that it's the first show with singing on TV that was successful and it did open doors for us, there's no doubt about it. And I think we've got better singers as well," he continued.

His co-star Megan Hilty, who plays an actress aspiring to play Marilyn Monroe, added: "And we have original music too!"

Jack also pointed out that not only does he think Smash is different to Glee, but he thinks it's different to everything else that's gone before too.

"This has never been done on television before. Each week we have one or two new songs and you start to see this musical take shape and it's a completely different entry point to the musical element of our show," he said.

:: Smash begins on April 21 on Sky Atlantic.


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