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Snoop Dogg makes swede tribute

Snoop Dogg has surprised a Welsh farmer after paying homage to his bumper crop.

The world-famous rapper congratulated Ian Neale for growing the world's largest swede, which has made it into the Guinness World Records after tipping the scales at 38kg (6st).

"Shout out to my homeboy Ian Neale in Cardiff for breaking the world record for the biggest vegetable," Snoop said in a YouTube video, in front of a backdrop of a giant image of cannabis plants.

Snoop - who is currently embarking on a tour around the UK - extended an invite to the farmer to one of his gigs, and joked that they could swap gardening tips.

"I want to tell you something - when I do my show in Cardiff, I want you to come backstage and see me, because I do vegetation myself. And I want to know your secret, so I can show you my vegetables, and see if you can grow that into a real big vegetable," he continued.


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