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Snottydink is online hit as Apprentice fans bid on eBay for losing book

A children's book created by contestants on The Apprentice is proving a hit online - notching up dozens of bids on eBay.

The book Snottydink, a tale about an elephant-dragon creature who sneezes, failed to impress buyers on the show but is proving a hit with the public.

One copy has attracted bids of £41 - around 10 times the original asking price - with nearly a day left to bid.

A copy of Snottydink along with Bizzie's First Adventure, the winning book made by the rival team in The Apprentice, has attracted bids of £67 with several days to go.

In Wednesday night's programme contestants were tasked with producing a children's book and audiotape which they then had to sell to bookshops.

Team Connexus project manager Sam Curry came up with the idea of the mystical creature Snottydink, which soon proved a hit with viewers of the BBC programme who went on Twitter to tell of how they wanted to snap up a copy.

But the retailers the team pitched to were harder to convince and the group lost the task after under-pricing the book.

Their rivals' tale of a bumble bee's adventure making honey failed to spark the same interest among viewers, but sold for more money and won.


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