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Sofie Grabol 'cried more over David Bowie than her own father'

Actress Sofie Grabol has told how she shed more tears over the death of David Bowie than when her own father died.

The Danish actress said she grew up thinking of the late singer as a sort of father figure, and was devastated when he died in January following a battle with cancer.

She told Radio Times: "My father died last year but I didn't grow up with him. I knew who he was, but he wasn't a figure in my childhood or my life. So I didn't really have a father.

"I cried more about David Bowie when he died a year later than I cried over my dad."

Grabol, 47, continued: "I was very shocked and embarrassed by it.

"I thought, 'This is ridiculous! I'm a grown person.' But I discovered David Bowie in my teens and think that's when you really need a father.

"You need a father to navigate in the world, to inspire you to be you in the world. I didn't have that."

Grabol fought the illness herself in 2012.

The actress was diagnosed with breast cancer just as she was finishing working on her hit television series The Killing.

She said: "You get a lot of time to look at yourself, and a reason to look at yourself, when you are ill like that. All the noise of everyday life is suddenly silent and some things become clearer.

"I remember thinking: 'I've wasted so much time on just being afraid'. Holding back and not doing things because I was scared. That has changed.

"I have gained some courage and some awareness of what's important and what's not."

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