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'Sorry, we can't call you next time Jamie Dornan is in' - Ramore Restaurant's unusual customer requests

By Jackie Bell

Ramore Restaurants in Portrush revealed a number of hilarious requests customers have recently made - including whether or not a certain Co Down actor is dining at the establishment.

Along with a notice to call during office hours for any general enquiries or information, the post on Facebook also listed a few very real, and very funny, requests.

As well as being asked to call a customer to let them know the next time Jamie Dornan was in the restaurant, the staff have also been asked to deliver desserts to homesick relatives in Belgium.

Jamie pictured with adoring fans at the Ramore last year

Also asked of the restaurant was a weather forecast for the following week and their top secret chilli beef recipe, which one guest wanted for their wedding.

Understandably staff had to politely decline these particular pleas, saying:

  • We can't deliver desserts to homesick relatives in Belgium
  • We cannot tell if it's going to be sunny next Tuesday
  • We are unable to give you the recipe for our chilli beef (even though you want it for your wedding)
  • No we can't call to tell you the next time Jamie Dornan is in the restaurant

Well, there's no harm in asking.

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