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Speaking at awards shows is intimidating – Katherine Parkinson

The actress is up for an Olivier Award but doesn’t think she will win.

Katherine Parkinson (PA)
Katherine Parkinson (PA)

Katherine Parkinson has said she does not like the idea of making a speech if she wins at the Olivier Awards because she finds it “intimidating”.

The IT Crowd star, 41, is nominated for best actress for her role in the play Home, I’m Darling.

But she told Radio Times magazine that although she is an actress, she is daunted by delivering speeches.

“I’m delighted to be nominated for an Olivier Award, but I won’t win,” she said.

“Previously, at the British Comedy Awards and the Baftas, I’ve won and not had a speech prepared.

“And in the case of the Baftas, I was pregnant and tired and had a cold. I was just a bit spun out by the whole thing.

“I find it quite intimidating, making speeches. I’m not pretending that I’m shy, but I really don’t like the idea of doing it.

“Although I might dare to prepare a speech, just so that I don’t let myself down if the impossible happens!”

By and large, my best experiences so far have been in the theatre Katherine Parkinson

While she is also known for starring on screen, Parkinson said she is most comfortable on the stage.

“By and large, my best experiences so far have been in the theatre,” she said.

“I feel I’m quite suited to theatre; I like peaking in the evening – I always have done – and getting up at 4.30am for TV filming will never be something that comes easily to me.

“Also, even though films and stuff pay a lot more, theatre is a glamorous world.”

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