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Speidi's new Made In Chelsea pal

There's another Spencer on the scene for Speidi after the reality couple made friends with Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews.

Speidi - Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag - said they thought MIC star Spencer was "very friendly" after dining with him at a five-star hotel in London's Mayfair.

"We had dinner with Spencer Matthews at the Dorchester and he was quite a character," Spencer Pratt said. "Whatever show he's on we're definitely going to buy on DVD box set because he seems like he knows how to make great TV. He was very friendly, I don't know why anyone wouldn't like him."

And Spencer confirmed he and wife Heidi will be seeing his British namesake again.

"He's going to come to LA and we'll show him our beach house and go to Malibu and live the good life, but if we went back to England he's definitely someone we would meet up with."

The Celebrity Big Brother runners-up have been rumoured to be getting their own reality TV show in Britain.

Spencer said: "We'd like to have our own reality show over here but if any of these reality shows want us to appear and they wrote the proper cheque that Speidi calls for I'd love to be on any channel. Right now our priority is Channel 5 and making our own series."

He said the duo would appear on a Spencer Matthews' spin-off show for mates rates, but it would take "millions" to get them on MIC.

But Spencer said: "If we were to go on Spencer Matthews' spin-off it would be friends' rates to him." He added: "We'd do that episode for him but I don't think the rest of the cast deserves us."

A Speidi special, called Speidi: Scandal, Secrets And Surgery!, will air on Channel 5 on February 18.


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