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Spencer: Louise and I are so close

Spencer Matthews has said he'd be "very lucky" to rekindle his romance with Made In Chelsea co-star Louise Thompson.

The reality TV star is rumoured to have got back together with Louise after appearing in Channel 5 show The Bachelor, but he remained tight-lipped about whether there has been a reunion.

Asked if they had a future together, Spencer said: "Who knows? It's very difficult to say. I would hope so, she's a lovely girl, I'd be very lucky."

He added: "Louise and I have always had history and we're very close, always have been, and I think once you watch the opening episode of Made In Chelsea 4 things will become clearer."

Spencer has had a public falling-out with The Bachelor winner Khloe Evans, who branded him a "fake" after the show and claimed he never wanted to find a girlfriend.

But he insisted: "I was contractually obliged not to be in touch with Khloe for six weeks (after the show finished) because we didn't want to give the game away about who won. If we were papped out together it might ruin it for someone so I kind of put the whole thing on ice.

"I was looking forward to spending some time with Khloe, seeing if we could develop the relationship we both wanted, and she pulled (The Only Way Is Essex star) Tom Pearce, so in my book you don't get a second chance after that."

Spencer added: "I thought we had a pretty good connection, there were no wedding bells going off or anything but I was keen to go out without a production team and just have a bit of fun in London or in Manchester and get to know each other better off-screen, but unfortunately she didn't give me a chance to do that and she was pretty keen to get cracking elsewhere."


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