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Spielberg's Extant slated for 2014

Steven Spielberg's futuristic thriller series Extant is to join his TV hit Under The Dome on CBS next summer.

The US broadcaster has ordered the series after the success of his other futuristic programme which gets a second series next year, said The Hollywood Reporter.

Extant is about a female astronaut who tries to reconnect with her family after a year in outer space, but her experiences end up changing the course of human history.

The 13 episodes of Extant are set to air in summer 2014 alongside the 22-episode second season of Under The Dome, which was adapted from Stephen King's book.

CBS Corp CEO Leslie Moonves recently said of Under The Dome: "[It] changed the face of summer television. It's the way television should be. It's the way television can be."

Steven will have a third drama, Falling Skies, on TV next summer as TNT airs its fourth series, and his new lottery-themed drama Lucky 7 will launch on ABC in the autumn as a remake of UK series The Syndicate.


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