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Stacy Francis slams Katie Price for using racial slur

Stacy Francis thinks Katie Price is using her celebrity platform in a negative way.

American singer Stacy Francis is disappointed U.K. TV star Katie Price used a racial slur on air so freely.

Former glamour model Katie recently caused outrage on British talk show This Morning when she discussed the bullying her disabled son Harvey, 14, suffers at the hands of online trolls, revealing he gets called a "black blind n**ger".

She used the word a further three times in a Twitter video uploaded after the interview in which she defended her language, but not everyone was impressed with her choice of words, including former Celebrity Big Brother and The X Factor USA contestant Stacy.

Explaining Katie's situation to her fans Stacy branded her actions "sad" as the word holds "lots of history and pain for people of colour".

"Funny how we allow words to have so much power," she wrote on Facebook. "But I do realize that the word is associated with slavery and history of black people that shouldn't be taken so lightly. And tossed around so freely. It holds a lot of pain for people and reminds us of a very sad time in our history. It shouldn't be used at anyone's free will so easily."

She then asked people to share their own thoughts on the matter, before taking to Twitter to continue the conversation, where she called out Katie for using her celebrity platform in a negative way.

When one user, known as Ed Gleave, commented he thought using the word as an explanation makes it less derogatory, the star was quick to respond, telling him: "So she needed to be smart about her platform. She doesn't have a right as a white woman to EVER say it!

"black people shouldn't use it either but it's been a form of taking our power back! And taking the power out of it".

Not content with just tweets, Stacy uploaded her own video explaining that while she believes Katie has a "good heart" and her use of the word was only to share the message of her anti-online bullying campaign, the reality star doesn't think that gives the glamour model the right to use it so "flippantly".

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