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Stamp: I blew my chance at Bond


Terence Stamp could have played James Bond

Terence Stamp could have played James Bond


Terence Stamp could have played James Bond

Terence Stamp has said he blew his chance to play James Bond by frightening off producers with his outlandish ideas.

The Wanted actor, 74, was offered the part of 007 after Sean Connery left the role, according to the Evening Standard.

On being asked by producer Harry Saltzman in the 1960s, he said: "Like most English actors, I'd have loved to be 007 because I really know how to wear a suit.

"But I think my ideas about it put the frighteners on Harry. I didn't get a second call from him.

"He took me out for dinner at the White Elephant in Curzon Street. He said, 'We're looking for the new 007. You're really fit and really English.'

"I was very shocked but I thought it was great. 'The fact is,' I said, 'Sean has made the role his own. The public will have trouble accepting anyone else.

"'But in one of the books it starts with him disguised as a Japanese warrior. If we could do that one, I could start the movie in complete Japanese make-up. By the time it came off they are used to me a little bit. I would love to do it like that.' He wasn't impressed."

After losing out on Bond, Terence spent time at an ashram in India and adopted a nomadic lifestyle.

The Smallville actor thinks his new lifestyle is just as well because he can't afford to live in London.

He said: "It has made the kind of life I lead a lot easier. My taste is so far in excess of my earning capacity, so I can't afford the kind of place I'd like to live in London."