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Star backing endangered butterflies

Hollywood star Orlando Bloom has backed efforts to save Britain's threatened butterflies by sponsoring a book aimed at helping children engage with the natural world.

Bloom, 34, who has recently become a father, has sponsored Crystal, the Small Miracle, a children's book about butterflies.

It was written by his mother, author Sonia Copeland Bloom, and charts the life story of a butterfly from egg to fully formed butterfly.

The Lord of the Rings actor, who is currently in New Zealand filming The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, said: "Butterflies are powerful symbols of the beauty and vulnerability of nature.

"The story of Crystal, the Small Miracle, written by my mother for children everywhere, reflects her own love of butterflies as well as her passion for children to be educated about the insect world in general."

The book is published by wildlife charity Butterfly Conservation, which runs conservation programmes for over 100 threatened species, and is dedicated to Bloom's son Flynn.

The actor's wife, Australian model Miranda Kerr, gave birth to the youngster in in January.

Ms Copeland Bloom, from Canterbury, Kent, said: "The transformation of caterpillar to chrysalis and then butterfly is one of nature's greatest miracles. Too many adults do not appreciate insects and are unnecessarily scared of them and their children can be affected by this. Young children usually love little creatures - until they are put off them."


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