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Stars celebrate Peta milestone

Stars including Alec Baldwin and Pamela Anderson have helped celebrate Peta's 30th Anniversary in Hollywood.

Alec hosted the special awards evening where celebrity supporters included Iggy Pop, Eva Mendes, Anjelica Houston and Kelly Osbourne.

The 30 Rock actor is a vegetarian and strong supporter of Peta, having even voiced a video for them entitled Meet Your Meat.

"You can't outlaw beef consumption or fur or hunting, but if you can show people that those things aren't necessary the way they were hundreds of years ago.

"Science and technology has alleviated the need for a lot of this stuff. I would love to see people hunt less, wear no fur and eat less animals," he said before the ceremony.

Eva said she is always willing to throw her support behind the organisation.

"It's just really important to use your celebrity when you can to shine a light on things that you really care about and I really care about animals and treating them ethically," she said.

Anjelica received a special award for her work with the group.

"We've been doing this Great Apes campaign to stop apes performing in movies and commercials and we've had a big impact. It's really satisfactory," she explained.

Filmmaker Eli Roth joked he'd turned down an offer to be a part of Peta's 'I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur' campaign, saying: "They talked to me about going naked but I have this natural fur that covers my chest and my body. People would be like 'why is Eli in a bear suit?' so it wouldn't really work," he joked.


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