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Stars tip Inbetweeners for US glory

The Inbetweeners stars Joe Thomas and Emily Head reckon the American version of the show will work "really well".

The British sitcom about four hapless schoolboys has come to an end after three series, but a US equivalent is in the pipeline.

On the red carpet on the Galaxy National Book Awards, Joe, who plays Simon, said: "I think it's something they'll do really well because in a way they invented that teen comedy genre to begin with. We've borrowed it and they've taken it back."

He added: "There will be cultural differences but it's mainly about finding the truth about being a teenager. They'll do that in their own way. I'll be excited to see what it's like."

Emily, who plays Simon's on-off love interest Carli, is confident the humour will transfer well.

"The British humour the Americans don't get will probably be cut and they'll do something very American. But for the most part it's about four boys doing silly things to impress girls. Everyone does that."

The latest series is perhaps most memorable for a catwalk scene in which Simon's left testicle was exposed to the audience.

Joe admitted the experience was "pretty horrible".

"I was offered a prosthetic but it's not as if I would retain my dignity that way. I thought 'it's gone anyway, so why not at least do it?'

"It was pretty horrible. The people in the audience hadn't been told exactly what would happen because they wanted to get a genuine reaction. I was waiting to go on, knowing they wouldn't necessarily act in a thrilled way."


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