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Steadman: Life's still good past 35

Alison Steadman has said she is pleased to see a shift towards better roles for older actors.

The Gavin and Stacey actress is about to appear in a new drama, Love and Marriage, that focuses on an older couple.

She said: "Up until a few years ago it felt as though everything on television or in films stopped at 35, like no one carried on living until they were 70, 80 or 90. But I think there's been a bit of a turning.

"People do have an interesting life beyond 35 and it's important to chart that. It's great that's now happening - and we've all got really decent storylines. We're not just there going, 'All right love, see you later'. We're part of the story."

Love and Marriage stars Alison as recently retired Pauline, who is fed up of being taken for granted and leaves her husband, played by Duncan Preston. Celia Imrie and Larry Lamb also co-star.

:: Love And Marriage starts on ITV on Wednesday, June 5


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