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Stephen Fry's sweet tooth

Stephen Fry has claimed his love for sweets as a child was like an addiction.

The television presenter and actor has written and directed a short story about his childhood to be shown on Sky1, starring Outnumbered's Daniel Roche as a young Stephen, and revealing his obsession with confectionery.

"I was more obsessed about those sweets than one would later in life become obsessed with drugs or tobacco, or sex, or whatever it is that drives people," Stephen said.

"I think of sweets as being the untouchable, slightly forbidden, poetic, dangerous, absurd things that we all chase after, and children somehow make it simpler as a story."

The 53-year-old comedian plays his former headmaster in a tale of his time at boarding school.

He said: "I realise I had a freakish education but at the same time it seemed normal.

"Then you look at it and go, 'My God, it was a mixture of Dickens and Harry Potter'.

"Daniel really is extraordinary, tremendously poised and able to deliver lines which are not typical for a child, as one of the most ghastly things about me as a child was that I tried to use long words all the time."

Stephen is one of 12 comedians who wrote and directed short films for Sky's new Christmas series Little Crackers. Others taking part include Catherine Tate, Meera Syal, David Baddiel, Julia Davis and Julian Barratt.

Little Crackers begins on December 19 on Sky1 HD and will run over seven nights.


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