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Stephen Nolan leaving BBC Five Live radio show

By Mark Edwards

Stephen Nolan is leaving Radio 5 Live's Question Time Extra Time, the Belfast Telegraph can reveal.

The Northern Irish broadcaster will be replaced on the show by Adrian Chiles as the BBC aims for a younger audience.

The presenter of the Nolan Show on BBC Radio Ulster and the Stephen Nolan show on BBC Radio 5 will be offered the chance to come up with an alternative politics show "or a new podcast" that aims for a middle-aged audience.

BBC One and Radio 5 Live broadcast Question Time simultaneously, with Nolan and journalist John Pienaar continuing the debate on Question Time Extra Time after 10.30pm.

In a leaked email seen by the Belfast Telegraph, John Wall, BBC Radio 5 Live controller, stated: "Adrian (Chiles) is also going to take over the reins of the Thursday night Question Time Extra Time 10pm to 1am.

"We are looking at improving the multi-platform offer of that show to capitalise further on the younger audience who watch the TV show. Adrian will present this from Salford.

"I'm also delighted that Stephen Nolan will continue to host Friday to Sunday nights, even though he has a lot of work commitments in Belfast on TV and radio.

"We are also working with Stephen to come up with either another politics vehicle or a new podcast so that we can make further impact with him to target the 30 to 45 audience."

Chiles was ITV Sport's main football presenter from 2010 to 2015 and has also hosted Match of the Day 2.

He has also previously worked for the BBC where he was best known for co-hosting The One Show with Newtownards-born Christine Lampard, previously known as Christine Bleakley.

He also presented business shows on the BBC including Working Lunch and The Money Programme.

A BBC spokesman last night confirmed that Nolan will be leaving Question Time Extra Time and that Chiles will start hosting the show, adding that Nolan will remain part of the 5 Live team.

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