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Stephen Nolan's guilt for telling woman in supermarket she was fat

Stephen Nolan has told how he feels guilty for telling a stranger in a supermarket she was fat.

The BBC presenter revealed the incident happened last week, telling listeners on his Radio Ulster show that he was in supermarket and had lifted a packet of crisps and a tin of Coke, when a woman approached him.

"She tugged at the crisps and said 'you shouldn't be eating those, look how fat you are'

"What I said back to her was 'well I tell you what, you shouldn't be buying any either, look how fat you are'.

"She was absolutely distraught and thought I had been incredibly rude; it was written all over her face.

"Then I walked away and thought well, have I been rude? Maybe I shouldn't have said that back to someone but someone tugging at my crisps and telling me I'm fat, should I not say you're fat too back at them?"

He added: "This happened to me last week and I feel guilty about it."

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