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Stephen Rea plays loyalist who thinks his baby is Gerry Adams in Dublin stage drama

By Angela Rainey

Cyprus Avenue, the street synonymous with east Belfast-born singer Van Morrison, is the name of the latest David Ireland play to première in Dublin and also features acclaimed Belfast actor Stephen Rea.

The dark comedy circles around a Protestant called Eric Miller who believes his newborn granddaughter is Gerry Adams incarnate.

Rea plays the lead as the deranged Eric who refuses to let go of his outdated beliefs with the motto: "Without prejudice we're nothing! If we don't discriminate, we don't survive!"

Despite attempts from his family to move him on mentally, he remains stuck in a cultural time-warp that's all in his head.

No stranger to real-life controversy, the irony isn't lost on well-known republican Rea playing a loyalist.

The 69-year-old has two sons with IRA bomber Dolours Price, who died in 2013.

She was jailed for her role in a bomb attack on London's famous Old Bailey Court in 1973 along with Sinn Fein's Gerry Kelly, in which more than 200 people were injured.

He has also featured in Holywood movies V For Vendetta and Michael Collins as well as The Crying Game.

Presented at the Abbey Theatre, Cyprus Avenue portrays one's man's identity crisis as it grows out of control and is billed as exploring the "modern day complexities of Ulster loyalism".

Character Julie is played by Amy Molloy, who's better known for her roles in BBC series Call the Midwife and the third series of The Fall.

The comedy is directed by Vicky Featherstone, and despite an extensive back catalogue of creative productions to her name, Cyprus Avenue is her first production at the Abbey Theatre and is a co-production with the Royal Court Theatre in London.

The production will run until March 19 with tickets available only to over-14s.

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