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Steve Coogan: Eating was gruelling

Steve Coogan has revealed filming his new show The Trip could be gruelling - because he has to eat so much food.

The Alan Partridge star and fellow comic actor Rob Brydon play exaggerated versions of themselves in the show, which sees them tour the north of England to review restaurants.

"One scene would often take about eight hours to shoot, in which time we'd have to eat three dinners," said Steve. "But then the cruel trick of comedy is that the easier it looks, the harder it's been to create."

While the series is intended to be 'laugh out loud' funny, there are poignant moments too, usually involving a lonely-looking Steve.

"We just took things that are partly sort of true," he explained. "I think Rob has a lightness of touch, while I'm a little more contemplative about things.

"I wouldn't say I'm tortured, but there are aspects of ourselves which help the comedy that we definitely play up to in The Trip. I mean there's some truth in it, but there's lots of stuff that's distorted for the purposes of comedy."

Sometimes, he admitted, they simply invented it.

"I mean, we're nowhere near as antagonistic as we are in the series. It's just a more interesting tension. And Rob doesn't do impersonations all the time, well hardly ever, and I'm not really as miserable as I come across on screen," he said.

"What the perception of me is, I don't have any interest in at all. I'm just thinking, 'What's the most funny thing to say?'"

:: The Trip is on Monday nights on BBC Two.


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