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Strapped-up Bishop struggles on

Battling comic John Bishop struggled back on the triathlon trail with his legs strapped up as he soldiered on - despite a night of vomiting.

The funnyman was tackling a 28-mile run, following a marathon distance yesterday (Wednesday), an exhausting bike ride and a cross-Channel row.

And he was joined on the run by his wife Melanie as he headed across Kent to his target destination, Gravesend.

John, 45, has been braving crippling pains in his Achilles tendon which led to medics strapping him up with blue tape to ease the pressure.

He joked: "The daft thing is, this is professional stuff that all sports people use but they must manufacture it for Smurfs - it's blue."

He said the journey was taking its toll, with his times for each mile getting progressively slower during his run on Wednesday.

He told Radio 1's Chris Moyles: "Things just started breaking down and my Achilles is very very sore - that's why I slowed down a bit, but I've just got to keep going."

Since setting off for his "week of hell" on Monday, he has cycled 185 miles from Paris to Calais, then rowed 26 miles to Dover. He is running from the coast to finish in London's Trafalgar Square tomorrow afternoon.

John said he had been sick overnight and struggled to hold down food because of the physical exertion. "It's tough because I've not eaten much; when you do this much exercise your body starts saying enough is enough and rejects what you try to put into it."

His efforts for the BT Sport Relief Challenge have so far raised more than £900,000 to pay for vaccinations for up to 250,000 children in Africa.


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