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Strictly 'led me to wear heels'

Strictly Come Dancing contestant Susanna Reid has said the glamour of the show has seeped into her everyday wardrobe - and she will not do the school run without high heels.

The BBC Breakfast presenter, who is second favourite to win according to William Hill after a number of impressive scores, said she will no longer be slouching around in baggy jeans and flip-flops after getting a taste for the show's fancy outfits.

Writing in Radio Times, she pointed out that contestants were initially quite reserved with their costumes but are now wanting them to be ever-more flamboyant.

"Does all this change my look at home? Of course. I used to wear worn-out jeans and flip-flops through all seasons, until the bitterest winter days saw me drag out my moth-eaten woolly boots. Now it's skinny jeans and high heels, even on the school run," she wrote.

Susanna was already a fan of the "caramel" hue the dancers maintain throughout the series.

"I've always been a fan of the spray-tan - my natural hue is blueish - so I'm happy to maintain that habit," she said.

The morning TV presenter went on: " The hair, make-up and wardrobe departments work overtime on the glamour. Early on, the brilliant team of Vicky and Theresa meet you to talk through dress ideas.

"All the contestants say, 'not too tight. Or high. Or low. Perhaps a few sequins. Not too many'. Vicky and Theresa smile. They know that any timidity will disappear by week two because if you don't embrace the glamour, you'll look as if you're at the wrong party."

Susanna also gave away a few of the show's costume secrets, pointing out that the dresses " have sturdy pants built in, to ensure coverage and prevent wardrobe malfunctions".

The male dancers' ties are sewn on to their shirts to stop them swishing around.

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