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Strictly pair give Chitty a spin

Patrick Robinson is trying a new way to fly round the dancefloor on Strictly Come Dancing - at the wheel of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The Casualty actor is in the famous magical airborne car - created by author Ian Fleming - to celebrate Musicals week on the BBC One contest.

Patrick will begin his Charleston with partner Anya Garnis by taking a brief flight as they bid once again to be riding high on the scoreboard.

However, to perform their dance they are both risking injuries, as the drama star is worried about aggravating his old knee disorder - or potentially kicking Anya if his moves are not immaculate.

"I'm trying not to think about it. This one takes it on the knees," he said. "There's an old injury on my knee and sometimes it can get inflamed so I've got to keep my eye on it. If I do too much movement, then it gets fluid on it again."

Patrick said he had already managed to give Anya a whack during rehearsals and fears doing the same again.

"One of our lifts has a slide involved and basically Anya goes in between my legs. I could kick her in the nose or head if it goes wrong. It could be a matter of centimetres. I have kicked her a couple of times during training.

"Of course there is always the pressure to do all the steps in the dance right. There have been issues with me, my wrist - there is slight pressure on me to make the lifts work.

"I know I can't afford to make any mistakes - the pressure's on this weekend."

Patrick added: "Hopefully Chitty will drive us through to next week and not stall us in the competition."


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