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Stringfellow happy to be new father

Peter Stringfellow has insisted he's not worried about sleepless nights as he finally got his new baby home.

The 72-year-old announced he had become a father again last week when wife Bella gave birth to a girl.

He told Daybreak it was "absolutely wonderful" to have Rosabella in his life.

He told the show: "First night (at home) last night, I have to say my wife is gorgeous, she (Rosabella) needed feeding twice and of course Bella did that.

"I woke up for one of them and oversaw and made sure everything was fine, but wonderful, a lovely baby."

Asked about the sleepless nights, he replied: "I'm a nightclub owner - I never get a night's sleep anyway."

He said of his age: "Of course we thought about this, but I have a very positive way of living, my wife is the same, we're just going to love this baby forever.

"When my time comes to go, hopefully Bella will still be there of course, she's going to have a loving mother and a loving family."

He said Simon Cowell's friends "are just smiling" at the TV and music mogul's baby news.

"I like him and he'll handle it with the same style he handles everything, he'll come through it flying colours," he said.

"He'll end up being probably the best dad in the world, next to me of course."


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