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Strong-arm tactics as musclemen put on a show in Belfast

By Staff Reporter

It's a sporting event that guarantees gasps of disbelief - and plenty of beef.

The Rudridge Ultimate Strongman Giant Weekend took place in Belfast over the weekend - at City Hall and Crumlin Road Gaol - and once again was an eye-opening display of strength and determination.

The hard-fought contest included events such as the Truck Drag, the Car Roll, the Silver Dollar Deadlift and the Axe Barbarian Crucifix, each one designed to test the stamina, strength and sheer jaw-dropping power of the athletes taking part.

Visas Blekaitis

Laurence Shahlaei from Gloucestershire was the eventual winner.

"Great few days competing with some awesome guys," he said. "Pleased with a solid performance placing first in seven of the last nine events after taking it easy on day one. Well done to all the lads, organisers, loaders, helpers and fans that came to watch.

"Happy to be going home with another title to my name - UK's strongest man 2017. I'll have a few days taking it easy then upping my game for the next big show."

Chad Coy

Alan Betteridge, director of sponsor Rudridge, said: "It truly is a spectacle and draws in huge crowds to Belfast. The contestants seem almost superhuman, but when you read about their gruelling training schedules and high-calorie diets, you start to get an idea of the dedication involved."

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