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Stuart Baggs picks up the pace

The Apprentice hopeful Stuart Baggs finds himself in a race against time on the BBC One show this week when Lord Sugar challenges the teams to buy 10 items in 10 hours, at the lowest possible price.

As the deadline approaches, Stuart 'The Brand' and Synergy team mate Chris Bates are seen racing through central London in pursuit of an Alba white truffle.

And while their Apollo rivals Stella English and Laura Moore pay £200 for 56 grams of rare edible fungus, Stuart and Chris manage to haggle the price down to half of that, after they resort to begging.

Chris pleads: "Is there any chance as a one-off you could do it for £100? I know you wouldn't do it normally, I desperately need these truffles... I'm begging."

Led by Jamie Lester, Synergy barter hard for their purchases, after he tells his team: "Start at 70 per cent lower - that will be kicking around their cost price. Think of a tactic; have a thought in your mind, a story in your mind."

Lord Sugar's advisor Karren Brady is impressed, saying: "Jamie's shown that he's got two key talents which are good for negotiating: one, never take no for an answer, and two, persistence and determination alone get you the price you want."

And though she looks horrified as Chris and Stuart lie to a tartan salesman that they are purchasing tartan for their gran to wear to a wedding in Scotland, even she can't dispute their tactics as the double act successfully haggle the price from £47 to £23.

But as Stuart and Chris go on a wild goose chase for the wrong Blue Book on Lord Sugar's list, will the girls, lead by Liz Locke, win the task?


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